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ELLENTHAL: Special teams winners and losers


I sin senaste SHL-krönika tittar amerikanske bloggaren Zach Ellenthal närmare på hur lagen i vår toppliga presterar i numerära över- och underlägen och hur det påverkar deras framgångar i stort. 

A lot of hockey analysis focuses on 5v5 play. Metrics like corsi, expected goals, and on-ice shooting percentages typically refer to a player or team's impact at 5v5. And there's a good reason for that -- the majority of a hockey game is 5v5 action and knowing how players and teams perform at full strength is often most appealing from an analysis standpoint.

But there's also a good reason why the standings do not simply follow in order of the best 5v5 teams -- just 60 percent of the goals scored in the SHL this season have been at 5v5. Everyone knows special teams are critically important to a team's success, and can make or break a season, regardless of how strong the underlying even strength play is. So let's take a look at how SHL teams are performing on special teams this season.

A few observations:

Luleå, currently carrying a negative goal differential at even strength, has both of their special teams to thank for their third place in the league standings. On the powerplay, they've scored the second-most goals and are generating the most shots on goal on a per minute basis. On the penalty kill, they've allowed the fewest goals, have been the best team at limiting shots against, and lead the league in shorthanded goals. 

It's been a nightmarish season for HV71, and that's with the second-best goal differential on special teams. They have the most productive power play in the league, and five HV71 players are top 20 in the league in points per 60 on the man advantage.

Special teams have plagued Djurgården for several years now, but they've reached a new level this season, especially on the power play. There they've scored the fewest goals in the league, four fewer than second-to-last Malmö, despite having played six more games.

What is going on with Örebro's penalty kill? They've given up 37 shorthanded goals in 37 games. No team has given up a goal per game since the start of the 17/18 season -- the closest a team has come is 19/20 Växjö, with 49. On a per minute basis, they're allowing 12.2 goals per 60 shorthanded minutes -- the highest over a full season over the same time span is 19/20 Leksand, at 10.7.


Here's how each team's goal share on special teams compares to their goal share at 5v5:

Success at 5v5, the power play, and the penalty kill takes different skill sets. Strong and sustainable 5v5 performance is still the cornerstone of a good team, but we see here where the other 40 percent of goals are either propping up or holding back teams in the standings.

Who is Zach Ellenthal?

I am a hockey fan from the United States, who after studying abroad in Sweden in 2014, fell in love with all things related to Swedish hockey. I've even been fortunate to make a couple trips back to Sweden in the last few years to travel around to different cities and games, including a seven game trip across the country right before the pandemic. I enjoy watching, reading about, and blogging about Swedish hockey, and as a quarantine project last year created a stats website called Svengelska Hockey. I've been reading content for seven years, and now look forward to contributing some of my own.

TV: Veckans SHL-lag #16

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18:00 Pardubice - Lukko Champions Hockey League
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18:00 Rögle - Leksand SHL
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19:00 Boston Bruins - Arizona Coyotes NHL
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04:00 Vancouver Canucks - Carolina Hurricanes NHL
04:00 Seattle Kraken - Tampa Bay Lightning NHL
12:00 Leksand - Frölunda SDHL
12:00 Djurgården - Linköping SDHL
15:00 Luleå - SDE SDHL
15:45 Davos - Langnau Tigers National League
16:00 Modo - AIK SDHL
19:00 Columbus Blue Jackets - Florida Panthers NHL
22:00 Edmonton Oilers - New Jersey Devils NHL
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01:00 Chicago Blackhawks - Washington Capitals NHL
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01:00 New York Islanders - Toronto Maple Leafs NHL
01:00 Buffalo Sabres - Arizona Coyotes NHL
02:00 Dallas Stars - Detroit Red Wings NHL
03:30 Colorado Avalanche - Calgary Flames NHL
17:30 Lukko - Pardubice Champions Hockey League
18:00 Vitkovice - Rapperswil Champions Hockey League
19:00 Växjö - Servette Champions Hockey League
19:00 Färjestad - Skellefteå Champions Hockey League
onsdag 13 december
01:00 Ottawa Senators - Carolina Hurricanes NHL
01:00 New York Rangers - Toronto Maple Leafs NHL
01:00 Pittsburgh Penguins - Arizona Coyotes NHL
01:30 St Louis Blues - Detroit Red Wings NHL
02:00 Nashville Predators - Philadelphia Flyers NHL
04:00 Seattle Kraken - Florida Panthers NHL
04:00 Edmonton Oilers - Chicago Blackhawks NHL
04:00 Vegas Golden Knights - Calgary Flames NHL
04:00 Vancouver Canucks - Tampa Bay Lightning NHL
04:30 San Jose Sharks - Winnipeg Jets NHL
17:30 Ässät - JYP Liiga
17:30 Helsingfors IFK - Vaasan Sport Liiga
19:00 Djurgården - Brynäs Hockeyallsvenskan
19:00 Södertälje - Björklöven Hockeyallsvenskan
19:00 BIK Karlskoga - AIK Hockeyallsvenskan
19:00 Almtuna - Östersund Hockeyallsvenskan
19:00 Kalmar - Nybro Hockeyallsvenskan
19:00 Västervik - Västerås Hockeyallsvenskan
torsdag 14 december
01:00 Montreal Canadiens - Pittsburgh Penguins NHL
01:30 New York Islanders - Anaheim Ducks NHL
01:30 New Jersey Devils - Boston Bruins NHL
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04:30 Los Angeles Kings - Winnipeg Jets NHL
18:00 Tjeckien - Finland Swiss Ice Hockey Games
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