Viktor Lodin och Ludvig Larsson.
ELLENTHAL: The most improved players in HockeyAllsvenskan

The HockeyAllsvenskan regular season came to a close yesterday, and with a complete season’s worth of data comes several areas of analysis to unpack. 

The first area I decided to look into was the players who made the biggest strides statistically in the second half of the season compared to the first half.

In addition to being a competitive league, HockeyAllsvenskan is also a development-focused league, so naturally I wanted to find the players who showed the most signs of improvement over the course of the season. To do so, I split the season into two 26 game halves, filtered to players who played a minimum of 15 games in each half, and evaluated their development in three areas: 1) ice time per game, 2) points per game, and 3) shots on goal per game.

Some of the standout names on this list, like Ludvig Larsson and Viktor Lodin, will not be a surprise to those who have followed HockeyAllsvenskan. Others though, are players perhaps more subtly on the upswing who could be of interest to SHL teams next year at this time.


Here are 13 forwards who, with a couple small exceptions, saw increases across the board in their ice time, point production, and shot production in the second half of the season. (The table is sorted in order of the largest point per game increases.)

I won’t go through every player above, but a few thoughts that jump out:

Larsson and Lodin have rightfully received a lot of attention lately, but I did not realize Lukas Wernblom was right there with them in the second half (and had a more productive first half then them both). Wernblom of course was a frequent linemate of Larsson’s and that’s a factor here, but Wernblom’s production given his age and pedigree makes it likely he’ll be a big prize for SHL teams next year at this time.

Felix Olsson and Jonatan Harju's seasons went a bit under the radar relative to Anton Svensson’s, but they both had big second halves and are right in the middle of their primes. It’s probably too early for them to be eyeing the SHL at this point, but they’ve set themselves on that path in the near future.

David Karlström picked up some late season Guldgallret buzz, and I can see why. As the youngest player on this list, he was a half a point per game player in roughly third line minutes over the second half.


Judging defesemen statistically is always trickier, especially when these categories primarily focus on individual production at one end of the rink. That said, here are 10 defensemen who made clear strides in the second half.

Filip Roos’ physical tools have always jumped out, and they all translated on the statline, especially in the second half. At the SHL level, he might not be in a position to play over 20 minutes per night and get the power play opportunities he did with Karlskoga, but his performance this year means he’s ready for the next step in his development.

Filip Hasa made significant leaps in the second half, playing four and a half more minutes per game and doubling his point and shot production in the process.

Isak Pantzare and Isac Heens' seasons were a bit anonymous up in Mora, but their role and output increased throughout the season, and they actually averaged the most ice time among Mora defensemen who played a full season.


Like I said in the intro, not everyone on here is a star in HockeyAllsvenskan or even close to one. But they are all trending upward, and some are already ticketed for the SHL. For those that aren’t, I’ll be keeping closer attention on them next season to see if they can maintain or exceed their second half performance this year.

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15:15 Leksand - Linköping SHL
15:15 Oskarshamn - Frölunda SHL
15:15 Rögle - Modo SHL
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19:00 Modo - Timrå SHL
19:00 Leksand - Frölunda SHL
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19:00 HV 71 - Luleå SHL
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02:00 Washington Capitals - Dallas Stars NHL
02:00 Nashville Predators - Tampa Bay Lightning NHL
02:30 Chicago Blackhawks - Anaheim Ducks NHL
03:00 Colorado Avalanche - Winnipeg Jets NHL
03:00 Calgary Flames - Carolina Hurricanes NHL
03:00 Arizona Coyotes - Philadelphia Flyers NHL
04:00 Vancouver Canucks - Minnesota Wild NHL
04:30 Seattle Kraken - New Jersey Devils NHL
17:30 KooKoo - Pelicans Liiga
17:30 TPS Åbo - Lukko Liiga
17:30 JYP - HPK Liiga
17:30 Ilves - Tappara Liiga
17:30 Helsingfors IFK - KalPa Liiga
17:30 Ässät - Kärpät Liiga
17:30 Jukurit - SaiPa Liiga
18:00 Leksand - HV 71 SDHL
18:00 Brynäs - Frölunda SDHL
19:00 Östersund - Kalmar Hockeyallsvenskan
19:00 Björklöven - Tingsryd Hockeyallsvenskan
19:00 Västerås - Nybro Hockeyallsvenskan
19:00 Djurgården - Västervik Hockeyallsvenskan
19:00 Almtuna - AIK Hockeyallsvenskan
19:00 Södertälje - Mora Hockeyallsvenskan
19:00 BIK Karlskoga - Brynäs Hockeyallsvenskan
lördag 09 december
01:00 Florida Panthers - Pittsburgh Penguins NHL
01:00 Columbus Blue Jackets - St Louis Blues NHL
03:00 Edmonton Oilers - Minnesota Wild NHL
13:45 Modo - SDE SDHL
15:00 Luleå - AIK SDHL
15:15 Örebro - Växjö SHL
15:15 Timrå - Oskarshamn SHL
15:15 Skellefteå - Malmö SHL
16:00 SaiPa - Jukurit Liiga
16:00 Vaasan Sport - JYP Liiga
16:00 Pelicans - Ilves Liiga
16:00 HPK - Tappara Liiga
16:00 Lukko - Kärpät Liiga
16:00 TPS Åbo - Ässät Liiga
17:30 KalPa - KooKoo Liiga
18:00 Rögle - Leksand SHL
18:00 HV 71 - Frölunda SHL
18:00 Linköping - Luleå SHL
18:00 Färjestad - Modo SHL
19:00 Boston Bruins - Arizona Coyotes NHL
22:00 Calgary Flames - New Jersey Devils NHL
22:00 Dallas Stars - Vegas Golden Knights NHL
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12:00 Leksand - Frölunda SDHL
12:00 Djurgården - Linköping SDHL
15:00 Luleå - SDE SDHL
15:45 Davos - Langnau Tigers National League
16:00 Modo - AIK SDHL
19:00 Columbus Blue Jackets - Florida Panthers NHL
22:00 Edmonton Oilers - New Jersey Devils NHL